American Contracting Co

American Contracting offers full service plumbing including new filtration systems preparation, pipe installations, filtration systems repair, pipe insulation preparation, pipe insulation repair, plumbing & sprinkler repairs and up-grading steam systems. We also install and maintain steam stations and build steam reclamation systems that help building owners control energy costs. In addition, we install water meters, drainage & filtration systems and heating systems.

For more details on Filtration Systems Preparation/Repair & Pipe Installation,
Call us on 212.736.6618.

Services provided by American Contracting:

  • Complete Plumbing & Sprinkler Repairs & Installation
  • Standpipe & Sprinkler Testing
  • Fire Department Violation Compliance & Removal
  • Water Meter Installation
  • Steam Stations
  • Pump repair/replacement
  • Pipe Insulation
  • FDNY Violations Removed

Why choose The American
Family of Companies?
There are a lot of different companies out there and selecting the right contractor to care for your building can be one of most difficult decisions. From the smaller “Mom & Pop” companies who provide personal service but lack sophistication to the larger corporations that offer cutting edge technology but only voice mail to talk to, the choices are many. Fortunately, the American Family of Companies bridges the gap between these two extremes. We offer the sophistication, technology and versatility of a larger corporation and the personal service typical of smaller companies. Our customers rest easy knowing they can reach Richard or Steven anytime—in the office, in the field or in an emergency. Quite simply put, this is a family tradition that will not change.