About Us

About American Pipe and Tank

We’re not merely a family business. We’re a generation to generation business.

Throughout the years, we’ve learned our craft through both formal education and on-the job training. We get our hands dirty. We understand because we’ve actually done the work. From turn of the century to state of the art buildings, we’ve got the technical and mechanical skills that enable us to understand every element of the job.

Sons apprenticing with their fathers. That’s what makes American stand out—we’re doing what we love, what we choose to do, and it’s the thread that runs through our company.

American Pipe & Tank Lining Co., Inc. is the original and oldest of our companies. Our reputation in the industry for providing exceptional service has enabled us to grow in size and scope, keeping ever mindful of our core values of hard work, quality, cost-effective service & ethical practices.

Led by Richard Silver, President of American Pipe & Tank Lining Co., Inc., the company has been servicing the New York real estate community for over a century. As a young man, Richard received on the job training from his father, Arthur Silver. Richard is a mechanical engineer and a master plumber. A native New Yorker, he can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Continuing with the family tradition, Steven Silver, President of New York Wood Tank Co., & Vice President of American Pipe & Tank Lining Co., Inc. was taught the craft of tank building from his father. Richard. From childhood, Steven would accompany him to job sites on the weekend and during the summer. Steven went on to earn a BS in marine biology from the University of Miami and after graduating designed and engineered lakes for a Florida development. But family tradition is a strong bond to break, and Steven returned to New York to continue working at the company his grandfather founded. Steven’s wife Helen also works at American and they have two sons, Jason and Matthew, who have “tanks” in their blood. They too, accompany their father and grandfather to jobs, and have brought their classmates on field trips to learn first-hand about something that all New Yorkers see and benefit from every day—water tanks.

Brendan McKenna has been with American Pipe & Tank Lining Co., Inc. since 1985 and is Vice President & Director of Manhattan Cooling Towers. He began his career at Carrier, working his way through the ranks to Service Manager. When asked what he enjoys most about his 24 years at American, Brendan said that every day brings a new challenge, and that the great comradery shared by the employees makes each challenge enjoyable. Brendan enjoys golf & fishing (often with his friends from American) and spends a lot of time with his 10 children and 20 grandchildren.

As Director of Client Relations, Helen Silver's main focus is the client and in this capacity her involvement in the company operations runs deep. She strives to insure that American's clients receive the highest level of quality service. Her knowledge of the industry enables her to provide updated information on products and services offered by American. In addition and perhaps most importantly, she regularly sends updates on changes to New York City laws and building codes to all clients, thereby avoiding costly violations. Helen also plans, directs and coordinates American's marketing campaigns and oversees their extensive client education programs. Married to Steven Silver for 18 years, Helen joined American in 1992. Prior to that, Helen was the principle of HR Designs, an interior design firm. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and is fluent in Spanish. Helen's family is in real estate and construction, so working in the same industry is second nature to her.

Why choose The American
Family of Companies?
There are a lot of different companies out there and selecting the right contractor to care for your building can be one of most difficult decisions. From the smaller “Mom & Pop” companies who provide personal service but lack sophistication to the larger corporations that offer cutting edge technology but only voice mail to talk to, the choices are many. Fortunately, the American Family of Companies bridges the gap between these two extremes. We offer the sophistication, technology and versatility of a larger corporation and the personal service typical of smaller companies. Our customers rest easy knowing they can reach Richard or Steven anytime—in the office, in the field or in an emergency. Quite simply put, this is a family tradition that will not change.