Preventative Maintenance

The key to healthy, efficient building operations.

Wood Tanks

  • Annual cleaning & disinfection
  • Insulation
  • Freeze protection
  • Tank cover
  • High/low water alarm system
  • Tank ladder meet OSHA safety cage requirements

Steel Tanks

  • Annual cleaning & disinfection
  • Internal stay rods
  • Internal ladders
  • Tank covers
  • Interior walls pitted or rusty
  • Exterior rusty or peeling


Fire Tanks

  • Pressure sprinkler tanks clean & inspect every three years
  • Sprinkler tank interior coated every three years as necessary
  • Water level switches installed
  • Air pressure switched installed

Cooling Towers

  • Cooling tower sub metered
  • Serviced annually
  • Vibration analysis annually


Fuel Storage Tanks

  • Current bulk storage permit
  • Cleaned every three years
  • Suction and return lines steamed
  • Proper signage for tank & fill box
  • Tank tightness test in past five years
  • Monthly inspection as required by DEC
  • Maintain on-premises inspection records for past ten years
  • Overfill protection / Spill protection / Corrosion protection