Winter Preparation with Our Winter Tank Services

At American Pipe & Tank, we are the premiere winter
tanks servicing company in New York City(NYC).

One of the great things about living in New York City is the change in the seasons. While you sit back and enjoy, let us make sure you do so in comfort with our flawless winter tank installation, winter tank preparation as well as winter tank repair services that cover the entire New York City (NYC) area.

As the leading winter tanks servicing provider in New York City (NYC), we will enter into an annual maintenance agreement and prepare your winter tank system for the changes season brings. We will ensure efficient, reliable winter tank preparation and installation and repair services throughout the year, no matter what the temperature outside . For example, all parts of building systems that are exposed to the elements during the winter months need to be inspected and have a spring “tune-up”. Preventative measures are always less costly than emergency repairs, and efficiently operating systems are always better for the environment. So get your Winter Tank Installed Now!!!

For more details on Winter Tank Installation/Repair & services, Call us on 212.736.6618.

Seasonal preparation provided by American Pipe & Tank Lining Co., Inc.
  • Steel Water Tanks: Clean, line & repair house tanks including the steel supports.
  • Fuel Oil Tanks: General Repair, Pump outs, sludge removal, cleaning, coating/lining and repair of related piping to prevent oil burner shut-downs and fuel inefficiency. Complete DEP/DEC Inspection & Certification.
  • Hot Water Tanks: Clean & Disinfect according to NYC Health Code. Perm-O-Line, a tried and true cementitious material, is used to line tanks. This reduces corrosion & fosters energy conservation.
  • Insulation: Heat tracing, freeze protection and frost proofing of exposed piping.
Seasonal preparation provided by American Contracting Co., Inc.
  • Plumbing & Heating: General repair, upgrading & maintenance. Sprinkler/Standpipe testing. Fire Department Compliance & removal of violations. Filtration systems designed and installed to eliminate “brown water”.
  • Hot Water Generators: Coil replacement, upgrading building hot water systems, both storage and instantaneous. Lining, insulation & welding.
  • Steam Stations: Temperature regulators, trap replacement, condensate pumps, controls, and pressure reducing stations. Heat reclamation.
  • Filtration/Water Purification: Design & install filtration systems to remove lead, minerals, bacteria and other impurities. Stop discoloration.
Seasonal preparation provided by New York Wood Tank
  • Remove old and construct new wood roof-top tanks
  • Freeze protection: Electric and steam heaters, pipe insulation.
  • Service wood tanks as per NYC Health Code. Annual Service Contracts
  • Steel Towers: Structural, repair, coating.
Seasonal preparation provided by Manhattan Cooling Towers, Inc.
  • Complete servicing: Repair, replace, upgrade mechanical systems, spray systems, piping. Engineer & install new/replacement cooling towers.
  • Install sub meter for DEP sewer rebate
  • Winterizing: Insulation, heaters and bypass systems installed for winter operation of cooling towers.
  • Energy conservation: Replace old, inefficient, illegal fill and drift eliminators
  • Install VFD’s and cycling controls
  • Condenser Water: Non-chemical treatment, filtration and purification systems designed and installed.