We want you to understand our business.

An informed person makes an informed decision. That’s why we feel it’s so important to offer educational seminars. Designed for residential, commercial and facility property & asset managers; building superintendents; architects; engineers and board members, each custom seminar provides the most current and up-to-date code information on maintenance, installation of water & fuel tanks, cooling towers and plumbing & sprinkler systems. Our goal is to explain & educate to give both professionals and lay people the opportunity to make the right decision for their real estate investment.

Here’s a sampling of the types of seminars we offer. If you don’t see
something that suits your needs, we can custom design one just for you.

Everything you wanted to know about building systems but were afraid to ask

This seminar reviews basic preventative maintenance techniques for plumbing, water & fuel tank systems. Designed for building superintendents, property managers & their assistants and board members, specific topics covered include maintaining water tanks; keeping the water system pollutant free ; preparation of heating and cooling systems for each season; minor and major plumbing repairs ; benefits of new installation; planning for a new installation ; managing water, heating & cooling emergencies.

Time to install a new wood tank

In some cases, installation of a new wood tank may be more cost effective than repairing an old one. A new tank will ensure the building’s water system remains free of pollutants and will also provide a long term, cost effective capital investment. Review the various factors that affect a new wood tank installation, including how to prepare the building’s residents for the installation.

How to keep your cool during the installation of a cooling tower

The installation and maintenance of a building’s cooling tower is a complex operation. Designed for architects, engineers and facility managers, this session reviews the specification process and goes step-by-step through the entire process—from pre-construction to final testing.

Plumbing 101

After this session you’ll have a complete understanding of a building’s plumbing system. Perfect for building superintendents, we’ll cover how to evaluate a plumbing emergency; minor patch & repairs; how to purchase and inventory supplies and other practical, hands-on topics.

Water Tanks: Maintenance Required

It’s easy to forget about the water tank sitting on your roof, until your water turns brown. Regularly scheduled maintenance of a building’s tank is the key to its longevity and successful, efficient operation. Review the basic procedures for maintaining potable and non-potable water tank systems.

Risk Reduction

Attendees take a “roof to basement” walk through that highlights the most effective ways to implement a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. Especially useful for property managers and their staff and board members.

Tech Specs for water tank & cooling tower installations

Designed for architects, engineers and commercial office building facility mangers, this session reviews the requirements and specifications for water tank and cooling tower installations.

Soil contamination & remediation techniques

Examine the primary causes for soil contamination, the most effective plans for avoiding contamination and control tactics to implement when a problem occurs. Emphasis is placed on avoiding and removing violations.

Government regulations—Compliance is King

The confusing government regulations that cover building regulations are synthesized in this session. It offers a simple ten step program for maintaining compliance with current codes and ordinances.

Most seminars are one hour and can be held at your office or you can come to ours!
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